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McDaniel Pressure Gauges

  • I don't know a part number, how can I order? If you do not know the part number of the item you wish to order please let us know as much information about the item as possible:

    1. dial size (1.5", 2", 2.5", 4", 6")
    2. case material (black steel, stainless)
    3. internal/movement material (316SS or copper alloy/brass)
    4. pressure range (i.e. 0-100psi)
    5. connection size (1/8", 1/4", 1/2" NPT)
    6. connection location (bottom, center back, lower back)
    7. mounting option (uclamp, panel mount etc).
    8. dry, glycerin filled, or silicone filled.
    9. quantity required

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  • Safety and Reliability McDaniel Controls, Inc., designs and manufactures its gauges to minimize failure and to protect personnel and property. The use of laminated safety glass, rather than plexiglass or singlestrength glass, prevents dangerous pressure build-up in the case; the glass breaks at pressures that vary with the glass diameter. The brittle glass cracks uniformly and the laminate glass won't craze or discolor in service.

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  • Easy Repair If any McDaniel gauge requires repair, down-time can be minimal because all McDaniel gauges are field-repairable, quickly and easily, with only a screwdriver needed for disassembly. If circumstances permit and factory repair is preferred, we will make that repair at a nominal service charge. See Warranty and Repair for further details.

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  • Pulse Vibration Protection McDaniels offers liquid-filled gauges for applications involving vibration or pulsation. Glycerin is an excellent damper of Bourdon tube movement. Emersion of the entire measuring assembly in a protective liquid envelope provides lubrication and shuts out corrosive or dirty atmospheres - thereby minimizing wear of moving parts and prolonging gauge life significantly.

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  • Choice of Filling When you order a McDaniel Filled Gauge you may choose to fill it yourself or you may order it factory filled with the liquid of your choice. Thus, you can maximize inventory utility and minimize inventory cost. Glycerin filling has a lower operating temperature limit of 32 DEGF undiluted. The mixture of distilled water in proportions up to 35% will lower the limit commensurately, to -40 DEGF.

    Silicone can extend the lower temperature limit to -60 DEGF. The maximum temperature limit is not determined by the fluid but by the gauge's synthetic case seal. At elevated temperatures the seal may bake and loose its elasticity.

    Warning: Glycerin filled gauges should not be used in applications involving strong oxidizing agents such as chlorine, nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide.

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  • Warranty and Repair We warrant our pressure gauges to be free of defects in material and workmanship:

    Replacementof any defective gauge will be made at no cost to the purchaser. We will repair any of our gauges which has malfunctioned for a cost of $15.00 on 4" and larger sizes; $7.50 on 2-1/2" and smaller. Prices are F.O.B. Paradis, Louisiana.

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