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OEM and Private Label Oil Pressure Gauges

Marshall instruments specializes in OEM, private label and custom oil pressure gauges. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Marshall Oil Pressure Gauges
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Oil Pressure Gauges
Keep an eye on important pressure levels with our 2-5/8" mechanical, 2-1/16" full sweep electric and our 1-1/2 in direct mount oil pressure gauges.

2-5/8" Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauges
Marshall mechanical oil pressure gauges are connected directly to a port in the system being monitored via tubing and fittings supplied with the gauge.

2-1/16" Electric Oil Pressure Gauges
Electric oil pressure gauges are connected, via wires, to a pressure sender which is installed in a port in the system being monitored. It is important to use an electric gauge with the correct sender. If a sender that does not have the same electrical match is used the gauge will not provide the proper readings and the needle may act erratically. Marshall Instruments electric oil pressure gauges include the required sender. In tight areas, stainless steel braided tubing can be used to remote mount the electric sender, providing both an electrical ground and pressure to the sender.

1-1/2" Shock Proof Direct Mount Oil Pressure Gauges
Available in a variety of pressure ranges and dial styles. Most gauges are liquid filled to provide vibration resistant readings. Our 1-1/2" direct mount oil pressure gauges have a center back 1/8 in. NPT male fitting and mount on any fuel pressure regulator line with a 1/8 in. NPT pressure port.

Engined Turned oil pressure Gauges Carbon Fiber Series  oil pressure Gage Marshall Series  oil pressure Gage White Dual Scale  oil pressure Gage Midnight Black Series  oil pressure Gages Midnight Silver Series Gages

Oil pressure gauges:

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Why Use and Oil Pressure Gauge
A must for vehicles that don't come with an OEM oil pressure gauge, oil pressure is one of the most crucial parameters to monitor, as loss of oil pressure for just a few seconds could cause major damage.

As you increase the performance of the engine the forces placed upon the metal parts increase as well. The higher you rev the engine, the centrifugal forces try to expel the oil off of the crank shaft. Higher oil pressure is needed to maintain the proper oil buffer.

You will need to be aware of the oil pressure requirements of your vehicle. If doing modifications you will need to know the pressure ratings of your oil pump. If modifications have been made to your engine you need to verify that your oil pump is capable of producing the required pressure and volume to maintain proper lubrication.

If the oil pressure drops below the desired limits, you should, as quickly as possible, determine and fix whatever has caused the loss of oil pressure before engine damage occurs.

Our Customers

We supply customers worldwide. Our customers are in the high performance automotive and motorcyle industry.

Custom Dials

Custom dials are available. A minimum order of 100 oil pressure gauges per dial applies for custom dial orders. A one-time set up charge applies for each dial.

Get a Quote

Our oil pressure gauges are competitively priced and can be provided with custom dials and ranges on request. Please contact us for a quote. Please note that we do not sell to the general public.

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